CIM1644: Lab Manager to vCloud for SAP

We know that Lab Manager is End of Life.  It is just a matter of time.   vCloud Director has most of the features and functionality to start migrating over.

Some of the nice new benefits are:

  • Everything in vCloud Director is full vSphere standard approach.  No more missing data in vCenter like Lab Manager.
  • VMs/vApps can be exported out as OVF and sent somewhere to start working immediately in a different environment.
  • No more SSMOVE needed.. just use Storage VMotion.
  • No more lab manager tools.  Straight up VMware Tools and using APIs instead.

Some issues and limitations on Lab Manager of no more than 8 nodes per cluster.   There are some limits to vCloud Director.   Be sure to take those limits into account.

Overall this session really covered much of the very high level view.


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