VMworld Public Voting

In an attempt to get better sessions picked out at VMworld, the part of the selection process is now done via public voting.


This has been an interesting process watching Twitter and a variety of blogs discuss various sessions and which ones are good and which ones folks want to go see. As one would expect the immediate result is that there is a lot of sales pitching going on.

“Vote for my session”. “Vote for me”. “My company’s session needs some love to get to VMworld”.

Overall this has been fairly harmless in my mind. The immediate gut feel is the sessions are going to be popularity contests. Those folks that are the most popular are going to get sessions. That must be bad. That can’t be right.. good sessions aren’t only folks that are popular. True to an extent. Once one starts thinking about popularity and why individuals are popular, my reasoning says this is actually a good thing. The question to be asked is “Why are those folks popular?” Any of a multitude of reasons means that session is likely going to be a good one.

  • The individual is a good speaker and is a lot of fun
  • The individual has good things to say
  • The individual knows many people

At the end of the day isn’t the goal to have a good session whatever the reason this presenter is popular?

Using PowerCLI in an enterprise environment

Most enterprises take security very seriously.   As such it is extremely common to have a webproxy setup by default in your environment.   PowerCLI/Powershell are configured by default to Use System Proxy.   This means that when you attempt to use some of the cmdlets they will end up being attempted to get routed through the proxy.

Two cmdlets that do not work properly when this is happening are Install-VMHostPatch & Copy-DatastoreItem. A good indication of the proxy being involved is exceptions that have items like:
Proxy Authentication Required

To work around this wrap the code in a Set-PowerCLIConfiguration proxy avoidance.

$CurrentProxyCfg = Get-PowerCLIConfiguration
Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -ProxyPolicy NoProxy
Install-VMHostPatch [...]
Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -ProxyPolicy $CurrentProxyCfg.ProxyPolicy

Thanks to @cshanklin & @lucd for their assistance in aiming me down the right path.

Cisco, Gartner and Social Media

ViewYonder.com went off the air for a short period of time yesterday due to comments made about a Gartner report.   Gartner apparently pushed Cisco to have Steve Chambers pull a posting that he made about a report by one of the analysts.  You can read his report via various caching engines and there is a couple of good websites that have re-posted the post basically word for word.

I don’t normally agree with Steve’s viewpoints or his ideas or his general tone.   The right for him to post his thoughts is important as getting bullied affects all of us.   We as bloggers and independent thinkers do have a right to talk about things that are not company confidential or business sensitive information.  There is quite an outpouring of support from the Web & Twitter for Stevie.

Thankfully Cisco’s very supportive Social Media policy did come into play here and since Steve only mostly insulted the intelligence of the Gartner analyst, a fairly easy target, he has come back online.  His managers and other’s in Cisco’s corporate office have been supportive.   Thankfully Cisco does have some good people there.

So Steve, When are you putting that post back up?