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90 days to no more ESX 3.5 General Support

For everyone out, ESX 3.5 has 90 more days until General Support ends.

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VMware Support offline for most of day due to power outage

On the 17th of Feb some form of Power Failure occurred at one of VMware’s Palo Alto locations.   From what I understand this primarily affected the support systems and as such the phones were down for most of the day. … Continue reading

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Upgrading Power Management Firmware on HP Blades

When you update your Onboard Administrator on HP c-Chassis to 2.5x, the OA will start to check if the Power Management version is new enough and if it is not it will give you a Major Error with details of … Continue reading

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Updating Opensolaris to latest development build

To be able to update from a post Opensolaris 2008.11 release to the latest development build use the following steps: # pkg set-authority -O development # pkg refresh # pkg image-update -v I have finally found the correct website … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing Solution Provider – VMware

The recent Zimbra acquisition by VMware threw me a bit for a loop initially.  Then I started chewing on it and read the good post by Rodney Haywood.   Very shortly afterwords I had a classic Homer Duh moment. VMware aims … Continue reading

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Ideal Software Licensing Model – Requirements Collection

I’m looking for some feedback and thoughts from the community to help define a reasonable Licensing Model that takes Physical & Virtual into account.  From my view as a client I don’t think this is all that complicated at the … Continue reading

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