Version #s not matching in latest patch release

For the first time in a while I’ve found a “gotcha” between the CLI & the VMware Infrastructure Client.

When we did the updates the the latest ESX patches as of middle of June 09, the version # from running vmware -v and checking in the VIC client.

CLI version:  3.5.0 build-169697

VMware ESX Server 3.5.0 build-169697


VIC Client Version:  3.5.0, 163429

3.5.0, 163429


A friendly warning that build numbers don’t match to any scheduled release anymore.

Virtual Iron dead in the water?

Is this true?  If so what’s Oracle’s game plan? They just buy Virtual Iron for a virtualization management. Appear to have a clue since they are buying Sun with a huge virtualization skill set and product line. Then this info comes along?

In a letter to Virtual Iron’s sales partners, Oracle says it “will suspend development of existing Virtual Iron products and will suspend delivery of orders to new customers.” And in a second letter to a partner speaking with The Reg, the company says it will not allow partners to sell new licenses to anyone – including existing customers – after the end of this month.

So is Oracle’s plan just to cannibalize Sun & Virtual Iron’s code and forsake all the customers they bought?

Makes me pretty sad since I’m a big Sun fan with OpenSolaris and I have the fear that they will do the same thing there.