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Another mega slow VIToolkit call (Get-HardDisk)

My good friend has found another VI Toolkit call that is amazingly slow compared to pulling useful data from it. I’ve done performance testing before of Get-VM against Get-View to get to the useful data needed day to day.   In … Continue reading

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No more Parent Partition

Microsoft has renamed the Parent Partition in Hyper-V.  It is now called the Management Operating System. Nice that Microsoft folks are starting to admit in passing that their is a heavy dependency on this MOS.  Giving it a real name … Continue reading

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HP SIM 5.3 kills iLOv2

Recently at the request of our vendor (HP), I went and had HP Systems Insight Manager updated to 5.3 about 3 weeks.  Now this isn’t “bleeding edge” and so I didn’t feel it was a big deal to jump up … Continue reading

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Cisco joins the Server Market

Today’s big news: Cisco has come out with a single stop full solution rack for CPU, Disk & Network in one using all the best of virtualization technology of Storage, Server & Networking.   Tight VMware integration, all Cisco hardware & … Continue reading

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