Another mega slow VIToolkit call (Get-HardDisk)

My good friend has found another VI Toolkit call that is amazingly slow compared to pulling useful data from it. I’ve done performance testing before of Get-VM against Get-View to get to the useful data needed day to day.   In that test using Get-View was 18x faster than using Get-VM.

This past week he was able to dig through the API/mob to find disk data for individual VMs for an internal tracking and reporting system we have.   This time he found a way to get the majority of useful data from Get-Harddisk a different way.   Rather significant change in speed with another couple hours of work.

This report he generates goes through about 1/2 of our VMs to pull VMDK information.

Get-HardDisk => 35 hours

New method => 2 mins 15 seconds

Yes.  That’s right.   976 times faster.   Do the math yourself.

HP SIM 5.3 kills iLOv2

Recently at the request of our vendor (HP), I went and had HP Systems Insight Manager updated to 5.3 about 3 weeks.  Now this isn’t “bleeding edge” and so I didn’t feel it was a big deal to jump up to it already.   Well over the past 3 weeks I’ve been getting this new alert coming from our SIM system and I just figured “Oh.. something new” and didn’t fret about it too much.

Event Name: (SNMP) Remote Insight/ Integrated LightsOut Interface Error (9006)

URL: https://HPSIM:2381/

Event originator: HPSIM

Event Severity: Major

Event received: 12-Mar-2009, 17:31:02

Event description: Remote Insight/ Integrated Lights-Out Interface Error. The host OS has detected an error in the Remote Insight/ Integrated Lights-Out interface. The firmware is not responding.

As you can tell from my lazy comments, this became a pretty big deal as iLO was completely toasty on these boxes where SIM was generating this alert.  I contacted HP and it was a pretty entertaining exchange.

HP Support: Are you running HP SIM 5.3?

Me: Yes

HP Support: Do you have iLO version 1.60 or 1.61?

Me: Beats me.  The iLOs are not responding so I have zero way to tell.

HP Support: I think I know your problem.

Me: <Silence for a minute.>  Well don’t leave me hanging here.

HP Support: I’m reading an email alert that came through while we were talking.   There’s a hotfix for HP SIM 5.3 and a recommendation to go up to firmware 1.70 for the iLO.

Me: Oh great.  *sigh*

So now I get to physically pull power cords to fix iLOs everywhere.  (Yes this means an OS reboot too.)

* Hey HP.  Put a button onto the servers to “reboot the iLO”.

Cisco joins the Server Market

Today’s big news:

Cisco has come out with a single stop full solution rack for CPU, Disk & Network in one using all the best of virtualization technology of Storage, Server & Networking.   Tight VMware integration, all Cisco hardware & lots of virtualization technology at 10G.

Over the past several years I’ve kinda figured that Cisco has lost their way.  Floundering a bit.  Now I know someone at Cisco has a brain.   VMware has blazed the path in recent history into the Enterprise Datacenter.  The gotcha  has been trying to integrate with networking and storage.   This is in theory resolved by this solution of a fully integrated delivered product line.

So how does HP & IBM & Dell correspond with this?