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ACLs and CIFS under OpenSolaris

One of the issues with running a file server in the home is the fact that you have multiple computers and accounts (the wife, the kids etc) accessing the same directory trees. The default user/group works pretty well as you … Continue reading

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OpenSolaris 2008.11 & ESX (Security Part 2)

If you are using OpenSolaris and NFS for your datastores and using ESX you need to share out your zfs filesystems with anon=0 since ESX wants to write to the NFS datastore as root. zfs set sharenfs=anon=0 usbpool/virtuals I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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OpenSolaris 2008.11 & NFS (security?)

A quick note here after the past 4 hours of fighting with NFS on OpenSolaris 2008.11. If you are attempting to do an mount and get a Permission Denied from either Linux or ESX the solution is rather easy. Make … Continue reading

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