Cisco’s now a full service stop

Cisco’s throwing their gloves into the ring for server hardware. Now they can offer Server Hardware, Datacenter Experts (strong in Server Virtualization with their investments into VMware) and Networking Hardware.  All they need now is to offer some Storage Virtualization Appliance on their Server Hardware and they can start to offer the whole datacenter in a shipping container.

Next Up:  Commodity Datacenters.   Everything the Cloud wishes it could be.

Tax Havens for Bailed-Out companies

Now this is what I expect from quality journalism sources.

For a short while I thought that Congress was going to do something good in the name of Capitialism instead of turning America into a socialist or merchantlist state.    They were going to vote down the additional $350 billion of the Fall ’08 Bail-Out package and Obama threatened/politicio them to pass it.

More evidence that the bail-out is wasted money for poorly lead big business whom need to fail for all our benefit.    Poor managment isn’t making one bad choice, it is making lots.

Since when is weather the news?

Here I am sitting in Wisconsin and see this ad on the standard news channel that they are going to have coverage starting at 4am.   The coverage is “Weather”.  Normally they start at 5am for road coverage and some overnight news.   Nothing exciting.

So what are they going to talk about at 4am when all the schools are closed already.  All parents and kids are going to be sleeping in.  People are going to sleep in if anything today.

News story: It’s cold.
Breaking News: It’s really cold.
Man on the street: Dang Barbara, it’s cold out here.  I’m going to put on that hat right now.
Latest News: It’s really cold.  Wear more layers and cover up so you don’t freeze your nose off.
Last News before you head to work: It’s really cold.  You know that hat and sweater you have and don’t wear, put it on you fool.

When I was a kid, the news said tomorrow’s going to be in the negatives.  Dress warm.  This closing schools is silly.

Since when is the weather news?