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Cisco’s now a full service stop

Cisco’s throwing their gloves into the ring for server hardware. Now they can offer Server Hardware, Datacenter Experts (strong in Server Virtualization with their investments into VMware) and Networking Hardware.  All they need now is to offer some Storage Virtualization … Continue reading

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Tax Havens for Bailed-Out companies

Now this is what I expect from quality journalism sources. For a short while I thought that Congress was going to do something good in the name of Capitialism instead of turning America into a socialist or merchantlist state.    They … Continue reading

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Since when is weather the news?

Here I am sitting in Wisconsin and see this ad on the standard news channel that they are going to have coverage starting at 4am.   The coverage is “Weather”.  Normally they start at 5am for road coverage and some overnight … Continue reading

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Shouting affects performance

Sometimes the strangest things can have an affect on performance of your computer.   Using the Fishworks tool which uses Dtrace for monitoring Sun Storage ZFS systems performance of your disk is affected by shouting. “You can’t control what you can’t … Continue reading

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